excruciating episode

One of the most excruciating episode of my life occurred today, 02 July 2010.

Before reaching the office, I had already planned the things that I need to do and my mind is set to finish it by end of the day. Sadly, it did not happen as planned. The task that I thought was already completed seemed to have a continuation. It is not difficult but the time frame to finish it is extremely short. And the one in charge was doing things that were supposed to be done the previous week.

Due to poor planning, the owner and I were forced to clean up the mess. I skipped lunch because of time constraints and  tried to squeeze doing my own planned task in between. After awhile, the owner assigned another task in which it’s very alien to me.

As a result: cramming + unfamiliarity + empty stomach = screw up!

Due to that error, the gun was triggered and the bullet went straight to my gut and my self esteem died. The owner screamed at me like I burned down the building. The fact that a number of expectators were present did not help appease the humiliation that I felt. Nevertheless, I mustered up the courage that I have left and calmly solved the problem like a mature adult.

The embarrassment I felt took a toll on me so after a few moment, I broke down to tears. I felt that my self esteem went down the drain coupled. Crying made me realize that I’m human after all.

Anyways, talk about making a mistake at the wrong time. Careful, careful!

Lesson To Be Learned:
Eat when hungry 😀
Rushing causes hiccups
Prepare in advance
Praise in public
Reprimand in private

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

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