Photography has always been one of the things that I’m interested in. However, I  prefer using digital or phone camera in taking pictures over the expensive DSLR camera coupled with complicated lenses. DSLR camera and lenses are too expensive, complicated and extremely heavy for me. Most of all, I can’t take a self shot! In general, digital and phone camera are more convenient to use.

Anyhow, I was given an opportunity to hone my skill in photography during the Body Wrap Fit Clinic in Tangs, Singapore. The excitement made me too focused on what I was doing that I forgot to check the photos I’ve taken. As a result:

digital camera + no flash + dim light + newbie photographer = blurred photos

No, I was not upset about it. On the contrary, it motivated me to improve my not so great skill in photography using digital camera.  As they say, patience and practice are the key elements!

Hey, if you happen to have some tips in photography using digital camera you can send it to

That would be a great help for newbies like me. Thanks a lot in advance. Until our next shot!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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