uriel nathan

My four year old adorable nephew, Uriel Nathan, was asking his Dad (my brother) to help him pack plenty of clothes (and he really emphasized on the word PLENTY) and bring him over to his Lolo and Lala’s place; he wants to join them in their overseas trip.

I nearly fainted when my brother asked if its still feasible for my nephew to join his Lolo, Lala and Tita in their overseas trip. I told my brother that everything was already booked and it would be tough re arranging the booking because of time constraints.

A kid travelling without his parents is also an important factor that needs to be looked into. So my brother and I agreed that they will just travel together once my youngest nephew gets his passport.

uriel nathan

My brother was a bit apprehensive on how to explain to him. We were all astonished when he did not throw a fit instead he seem to understand the situation.

He’s like a grown up man trapped in a kid’s body. His maturity level is absolutely outstanding to the point of surpassing some of the older people I know.

Funny thing is, Uriel ,as we fondly call him, can’t seem to stay put in their house. He gladly stayed behind when they visited his Lolo, Lala and Tita after the group arrived from the overseas trip.

Uriel even accompanied his Lala to run some errands and check out some shopping malls in the National Capital Region and Southern part of Luzon (Philippines).

In his young age, he is really living his life to the fullest!

It’s amusing to see myself in him when I was about his age. I also used to tag along with my Lola (grandmother) wherever she went. I’m born to be a wanderer and it looks like my nephew is following my footsteps.

Way to go Uriel Nathan!

Lessons Learned:
Live and enjoy life!

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