It’s a busy July Wednesday morning and I was doing my usual brisk walk towards the train station when I felt that something was amiss in my footwear. One part reached its longevity and can no longer be fixed by sheer ingenuity.

the culprit…

Hmmmm… Is coincidence the name of the game? I was just browsing the newly launched website of yesterday and now my footwear reached its expiration. It looks like its high time to buy a new pair.

However, as I looked around, shops were still closed so I took off my footwear and walked as normally as I could. I was grinning because I remembered a similar scenario in a mint commercial advertisement. It’s really hilarious.:D

No one was looking strangely at me. I felt a bit odd though when I sat down in the train but I pretended that having no footwear is the coolest thing in the world! You betcha, it worked.:p I don’t want to fret about my unusable sandals so I diverted my energy by fiddling my phone and writing this blog entry to block off any negative vibes. Wise move, eh? 😉

When I was at the interchange, I found out that walking via the travelator is painful without footwear. It’s like a rough, moving pavement! Ouch!


I reached my workplace without a snag. As they say, life must go on. Time to work. Aja!

Lessons Learned:
Don’t fret.
Think of a solution as fast as you could.
Always bring extra pair of shoes.

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

2 thoughts on “footwear”

  1. LOL! I never experienced this in my life to have walked barefooted! I like the part where u were in the train and thinking that walking barefooted was the coolest thing on earth! Hahahhahahah!

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