Museo De Louvre

The next day after the Eiffel tower (see Eiffel tower article) visit, we headed to Museo De Louvre. The transparent “pyramid” infrastructure made Museo De Louvre mystical and interesting. When I was at the escalator near the entrance, I felt like I was going in a time space capsule.

I eagerly took photos from almost every corner as I walk around. The statues and numerous paintings were strategically located which made it feel like they will come to life by a single touch. Kinda freaky and fascinating at the same time.

Museo De Louvre, Paris France

famous Monalisa painting…

What caught my attention the most was the real Monalisa painting. I was surprised because I never imagined that it would be that small. It’s just like a normal wedding portrait. Nevertheless, it may be small but it’s the most popular among all the paintings. The crowd gathered near the Monalisa painting area is enormous.

In order to get to the front, I mustered the courage to squeezed myself in. The crowd were dominated by towering Caucasians. I was a bit amused because whenever I mutter “excuse me”, they looked down at me and let me pass. I must have looked like a kid lost in the middle of nowhere looking for her “grown up” companions. I did manage to reach the area nearest to the painting.

While taking photos, I kinda wondered what made Monalisa so special to draw such a huge crowd. Was it due to the movie, “The Vinci Code” or was it because of her mysterious smile? Hmmm…

That’s one mystery that I would love to unravel.

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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