twisted stories

Brady is in a relationship with Ellen for five years. On their 4th year, Brady met and had a relationship with Trixie. At that time Brady had both Ellen and Trixie in his life. Ellen did not know that Trixie existed but Trixie knew that Brady is in a relationship with Ellen.

Trixie got tired of the situation and she asked him to choose between Ellen and her. Brady said he can’t leave Ellen because they’ve been together for five years and so on and so forth.

Trixie got fed up and broke up with Brady. However, Brady doesn’t want to let go of Trixie. After so much drama, Brady decided to work overseas, called it quits with Ellen and broke up with Trixie as well.

During Brady’s emotional struggle, Sophie (whom he met in a gathering) became his shoulder to cry on.  The constant togetherness blossomed into a relationship. Brady and Sophie were inseparable. Later on, Sophie discovered that Brady got back with Trixie. As expected, Trixie doesn’t know of Sophie’s existence.

Sophie broke up with Brady but he doesn’t want to let her go. Sophie being a soft hearted person (and stupid!), she reconciled with Brady. After he got back from his holiday with Trixie, Brady immediately met up with Sophie and proposed marriage. Sophie declined and requested him to carefully think about it.

He explained that he doesn’t feel any magic with Trixie. He even whined that the money he spent during the holiday with Trixie is not worth it (O_O).  At that time, Sophie was getting to her senses and decided to sent him a break up email for a change. Like the other attempted break ups, it did not materialize.

What Sophie really wanted was for Brady to choose between her and Trixie and stick to that decision. The most irritating part was, Brady wanted to keep them both. What a selfish mammal!

The cycle of break up and getting back together went on and on. Sophie was already emotionally drained and exhausted with the situation. One day, Brady sent a text message to Trixie which was intended for Sophie. Alas! It must have been a Divine intervention.

Trixie asked what’s the message all about. And guess what, he lied again and told her that the message was for his niece, blah blah blah. Trixie was getting suspicious and Sophie decided it’s high time to discuss things directly with her. Sophie chatted with Trixie and even dared Brady for the three of them to have a conference in order to clear the air. Brady chickened out (what a loser!).

Sophie explained everything to her and even asked Trixie to help her and get Brady to stop pestering her. Sophie mentioned the numerous break ups they had but Brady doesn’t want to let her go.

 In the course of discussion, Sophie found out that Brady and Trixie were singing different tunes. Sophie told Trixie the things that Brady told her and it was completely different from Trixie’s version. Sophie and Trixie clarified and settled the issues.

 The next day, Sophie bluntly asked Brady why his version of the story was different from Trixie’s. Of course, Brady is synonymous to lies… as expected, he tried to cover up his lies with another series of lies. After billion lies, he finally admitted his fault and he mentioned that he can never lie to Sophie. This time, Sophie was adamant to end the relationship and cut all forms of communication.

 Sophie thought everything was already settled. The irony of it was, after few weeks, Trixie sent Sophie a hurtful email accusing her of holding on to Brady among other things. Sophie was surprised with the content of the email… thus, she confronted Brady about it. It turned out, Brady was the one who can’t let go and even resorted to stalking Sophie.

 As to clarify the matter, Sophie asked Brady to talk to Trixie and tell her everything what they have discussed. As usual, “no balls” Brady refused and did his favorite past time… twisting stories to save his ass. Sophie realized that it’s a waste of time talking to Brady and Trixie so she opted to keep quiet and let nature takes its course.

 It’s evident that Brady is a two face creature who portrays a goody and angelic role in front of his work and religious group… and his other side is a scheming, selfish and  rotten creature.

He’s a beast, full of shit,  who can’t seem to live a day in his life without inventing stories just to save his ass and make him the hero of all heroes.A pretend superhero who’s fond of looking for scapegoats and doesn’t have the balls to face the consequences of his actions.

Well, as they say, what goes around, comes around.
Careful careful! :p

Lesson Learned:
Two face creatures exist.
Be alert, wolves in sheeps clothing are on the loose.

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

4 thoughts on “twisted stories”

  1. It is all just about saying “NO!” and meaning it. It was not all Brady’s fault.. it was the fault of the girls as well for feeding Brady’s whims.. 😛

  2. It was Brady and the two girls fault. It’s a complicated story but I know it’s real. 😉 I can relate to you curious me…

    1. @bluesnowbear i guess it’s human nature to be selfish and “insensitive”. 😀
      but people tend to abuse that “human nature” thingy and always use it as an excuse to justify the unacceptable action/behaviour. tsk tsk tsk…

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