I was walking towards the bus stop on my way to work  when the strap of my sandal loosen. It happened twice in a row! Ok… I’m not whining… just saying… :p

 Anyway, when I boarded the bus, I felt like I was in trance. I can’t even remember if I paid the fare or not. To top it off, after I alighted from the bus, my sandal’s strap loosen again. It’s a waste of time and irksome to stop and kept on tying the strap every now and then. Considering that it’s rush hour and I was in a hurry to reach my workplace.

 Having this inkling that it’s a  premonition troubled me.. I don’t know if I was just paranoid or what…  but it’s freaking me out! Is it lack of sleep or I’m too stressed out? I’m even having the so called mental block while writing an article. Sigh…

 At any rate when I boarded the train, I made sure that I was “conscious” while paying the fare. And made a silent prayer that it’s going to be a lovely day.

 As it turned out, it was a roller coaster day! It’s really freaky but nevertheless, it’s considered as a fruitful day.

Lesson Learned:
Always have presence of mind.
I will still wear strappy sandals because I simply love it and it’s fabulous! :p

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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