Kwan Yim temple

The Buddhist practice first hand experience was finally ticked off from my bucket list when my Singaporean – Chinese friend brought me to Kwan Yim temple. She was kind enough to teach me how to pray the Buddhist way.

(I’m not sure though if they have other methods of praying in every temple.)

How did we do it? Here’s how:
1. Bought lotus flower for offering before entering the temple.
2. Each of us took three incense sticks (free) near the entrance of the temple.
3. We burned the end part of the three sticks and then face the sky.
4. Hold the three sticks (hands clasp and slightly raised) then softly shake the sticks back and forth.
5. While doing number 4, silently greet Kwan Yim and say your name, where you came from, and your brief prayer.
6. Take the sticks near the entrance of the temple and repeat number 4 and 5.
7. Leave the incense sticks in the allocated area.
8. Proceed inside the temple and pray in front of Kwan Yim.
9. Leave the lotus in the designated area.
10. Take some free sweets and fruits.
(Temple “employees” gives away fruits and sweets donated by devotees)

We were ready to go when my friend asked me if I want to try doing the sticks. One question can be asked to Kwan Yim and he will give the answer through the sticks.

I did try…:p Check out in my next article, sticks

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