Going to Kwan Yim temple was an eye opener and learning experience (please refer to Kwan Yim temple article) for me. You betcha! Before leaving the temple, my friend and I tried the “sticks method of prayer request” out of curiosity. For those who want to know how it’s done, here’s the flow:

1. Get one (1) can of sticks (it contains around 100 sticks) and one (1) pair of yin yang “dice” at the counter situated inside the temple.

2. With the can of sticks and pair of yin yang “dice” on hand, proceed to the praying area (shoes must be removed). Kneel or sit down on the carpet whichever is more comfortable.

3. Silently greet Kwan Yim, introduce yourself by stating your name and address, then ask the question.
(Note: My friend said only one question must be asked.)

4. Shake carefully the can of sticks until one stick falls. If it’s more than one, you have to return the sticks and shake again.
(Remember, only one stick should fall. I know it’s tricky but that’s the rule.)

5. Once you have that elusive one stick, get the yin yang “dice” then shake it using your palm then carefully roll it in front of you.

6. If one “dice” is facing up and the other is facing down, then go to number 7. Otherwise if the yin yang “dice” were both facing up or both facing down, go back to number 4.
(Note: There’s only a maximum of three tries in rolling the yin yang “dice”.)

According to my friend, if you have already reached the maximum number of allowed tries then your question is not worth asking… or if you are persistent, you can try it again another day.

7. Bring the can of sticks and yin yang “dice” to the counter and give the “chosen” stick to the person in charge.

He will then give you a paper with the equivalent number and summary of the answer.

8. The detailed answer can be found in the book located at the side of the counter. Just search for the number given to you.

Believe it or not, the answer I got has a grain of truth in it. The suggestions and advices included in the answer were also very helpful. Still, I was kinda skeptical about it, so I went there again with the same question; but I was alone this time. :p The common denominator of the old and new answer that I’ve got is: “Let nature take its course.”

Moreover, I guess Kwan Yim got fed up with me asking the same question because there’s also a warning included in the answer. lol I got goosebumps so I did not do the sticks again.

Scared? Don’t try.
Brave and ready to accept the answer? Go for it! Aja!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

4 thoughts on “sticks”

  1. enya aya gamen ti dinamag mo kabsat?… jak kayat nga padasen dayta ta baka ibaga na nga game over akon… ahhhh!!! isu nga ag-board game ta laengen? hehehe…

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