tickets on sale!

Airlines have the knack of enticing people to book airline tickets at the spur of the moment. I for one was hooked and developed the habit of checking on sale airfare every now and then. Last May 2009, I was surfing the tiger airways website and I came across the $20 promotion. I immediately messaged my father to provide their passport numbers (my father, sister and stepmother) so that we can take advantage of the low airfare.

Unfortunately, my father and stepmother haven’t yet renewed their passport and my sister has not applied for one. A tinge of regret came upon me so I booked my own flight instead in order not to miss the cheap flight. I thought I saved a great deal of dollars but when the date of departure is getting nearer… I was contemplating if I will re book my return flight or not.

I ended up re booking my return flight and spending more than booking a regular rate flight. A learning experience indeed.

Think five times before booking for a cheap flight. You’ll never know, there might be a catch to it.

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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