During my first day in my second work, my veteran colleagues warned me about the three “notorious” freshmen (TNF) students who were turning the department’s world upside down. My colleagues reiterated that they were bullies, irregular attendance to classes, cut classes, etc. In short, the TNF were teachers’ enemy number 1 ( errr… should I say 3? :p).

The “nasty” things that I’ve heard made me extremely curious because from my observation, they seem to exude angelic aura beneath that punk exterior. (I wonder how they would react when they read this. :D)

At any rate, I’ve always believed that no matter how “bad” a person portrays himself in the society, there’s a good side either hidden on purpose or waiting to be discovered and cultivated. With this in mind, I deliberately assigned them to be the leaders in group activities; be “security and peace officers” to make sure that the class was not in chaos when I needed to attend meetings; encouraged them to actively participate in school activities; and motivated them to get involve with other things that people think they don’t normally do.

They were hesitant and uneasy at first. With constant urging, they were slowly coming out from their self-built shell. What puzzled me was why the others seem to ignore their great potential. The TNF were bright students who were in need of guidance and understanding not constant reprimanding and nagging.

It’s a pity that they stopped going to school. Although it’s not frequent, I still keep in touch with one of them who eventually became one of my closest friends. As for the other two, I haven’t heard from them for ages.

I’ve always had a complete trust in them (up until now) and it’s my fervent wish for them to finish their studies and climb the ladder of success.


Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

2 thoughts on ““notorious””

  1. was really laughin my ass out reading this one. kinda awkward reading how people used to think about US (yep… im one of the notorious 3). this entry strikes a chord of nostalgia. i miss those days and all the bastards i spent my “notorious” days with.

    as for the other 2… their still alive, which is a surprise (kidding). Mackie has his own family now. Zeus… well, still the same bum that he is….

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