love cup

Have you ever wondered why there are days that:

  •  your life is full of love
  •  you feel neglected
  •  you are more forgiving
  •  you get irritated easily
  •  you are more understanding
  •  you’re extremely impatient
  •  you are more loving
  •  you are colder than ice
    … and so on…

Well, I’ve thought about it too.  An article  (I can’t remember the title) that I’ve read gave me a better understanding that it is not just because of the red flag, menopausal stage and whatever hormonal imbalance for ladies. As for gentlemen, it’s not about getting bald or whatnot… It all depends on how full each individuals love cup.

It needs to be refilled from time to time. These may come in a form of appreciation, recognition, hug or even a simple smile from friends, colleagues, love ones, or even from strangers.

So… Is your love cup full or empty? :p

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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