ang moh

It was rush hour at the train platform and everyone were anxious to get a seat. I was in the group who boarded the train first so I managed to have a seat without “fighting” with anyone. :p I was working on a blog entry while I was on board the train when something caught my attention.

A not so old lady, skillfully blocked the Caucasian guy (a.k.a. ang moh – see singlish article) and took the seat where the ang moh was eyeing to take. With my mind diverted, I was discreetly observing the two. The ang moh seem to be pissed off and muttered “ladies!” while shaking his head. The lady just ignored him and he went on to seat at the empty chair next to me and began reading a novel.

ang moh novel…

When the lady alighted at the next station, the ang moh looked at her, shook his head and whispered “see”. He must have rolled his eyes but I did not dare look at him. I was thinking on what’s so special about the seat that made him look so grumpy early in the morning. It must be his favorite spot while reading a novel. Hmmm…

He looked irritated as well while he kept glancing at the guy who was conversing loudly with someone. Looks like his “love cup” must be nearly empty waiting to be filled. The only thing that I can do for him was to keep on smiling hoping to radiate and sprinkle (like a magic wand) positive aura on him.

Hopefully, he had a good day after the train ride. Aja! :p

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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