yin & yang

Experiencing frequent heart pain is a total torture! Sorry to disappoint but it’s not related with love troubles. :p I think the stress of working and taking classes after work is taking a toll on me. It makes wonder on how the full time students who are also juggling work hours in between handle it. I’m sure the pressure is enormous!

Anyhow, I’ve been attacked by giddiness, cold hands and feet, worry wart, and forgetfulness for the past few weeks. Mitch (my friend) mentioned that we have the same symptoms and according to her doctor, those are indication leading to anxiety attack. Her doctor advised her to take magnesium and she told me to do the same thing.

Over the weekend, instead of buying magnesium, I opted for a foot reflexology and back massage for a faster result. It did help relax my nerves for a couple of days. I considered getting a massage every other day but I realized it would be very costly so I decided to have it once a month.

My work and class kept me busy that I totally forgot about the magnesium. One day at work, I was flipping through the pages of the health booklet that my colleague lent me and was surprised to see that one of the health supplements featured contains magnesium, zinc and calcium. It’s called yin and yang, a health supplement from France.

The next morning, my colleague helped me process the order after I expressed my interest in buying yin and yang. It’s such a great product that it greatly improved my well being in such a short span of time.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about balance.
Work and life balance.
Yin and Yang balance.

So when you feel stressed out, check if something is imbalance. :p
Or it can also be associated with your love cup. Think about it.


yin & yang

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