high school

High school (HS) life is regarded as the merriest and the most complex stage wherein the transition from being a kid into being a “rowdy” teenager happens. Most people say that this is the phase when identity crisis arise.

When we were freshmen, we used to play “heaven earth” (a.k.a. langit lupa  ) during lunch break. The seniors looked very amused while watching us. I guess, we haven’t realized yet at that time that we were already in the “tweetums” stage.

Another interesting event happened when I was in junior HS; Some of the boys in the senior class went to our classroom and started attacking one of our classmates. It’s a total rumble! Chairs were literally flying and it’s a showdown of skinny boys (men wannabe).

I was terrified and overwhelmed at the same time. The other boys in our class made a human barricade to protect the girls. It was really heartwarming.  The reason of the fight? As explained by one of our classmates, believe it or not, it’s all because of siopao (a.k.a. steamed bun).

After the chaos, our class was relocated to an open area where the new wing of the building was being constructed. In short, we were “quarantined” for a few days. When everything settled down, the school management brought us back to our classroom.

That’s how “eventful” my high school life was.

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3 thoughts on “high school”

    1. @mitch we were the victims. lol the senior “goons”‘ classroom was next to our room. ha!

      the school management was scared that the whole building will be turned upside down. LOL

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