The class captain (Juvy) was conducting the regular weekly meeting when I went down to get some documents. When I returned to the class room, I overheard their plan to surprise me on my birthday. I pretended be oblivious so as not to spoil their plan. Juvy summarized what they have tackled and of course, she left out the birthday surprise portion.

The “big day” came and it was business as usual. I reached the laboratory room five minutes before our schedule, so I waited outside and had a chitchat with the other creatures. Although, I already knew that they were planning something for my birthday, I never thought that they would have the guts to connive with the one in charge of the laboratory before our class. They decorated it with balloons and posted a very looooooong paper with their handwritten messages for me.

I was at the door when the students from the previous class came out from the room and they all had this funny look on their face but I pretended to be clueless. Ha! When I entered the room, they switched on the light and all greeted me a happy birthday. I gamely exclaimed, “What a surprise!” but my facial expression says otherwise. The class captain freaked out and asked if I knew it all along and I answered “yes” with a matching laugh.

She’s a bit upset but we were all in a jovial mood that we ended up teasing her.  It was a birthday celebration worth remembering.  I still get in touch with them from time to time and Juvy became my “adopted” sister and perennial buddy whenever I teleport to the land of the morning.

Now is the day after my birthday. Birthdays are celebration of life. And living life to the fullest is the name of the game. My heartfelt thank you to all those who remembered my big day! May May God bless you all!


Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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