A place that’s seem so far away…
It’s costly to fly and roam around…

It did not even cross my mind…
… I did not even dare to dream…
… I did not even plan to go there…

Out of the blue, a once in a lifetime opportunity knocked at my door… with no double take,  I immediately grab it no matter how tough the process (click here to read the travel for free entry)  was.

After going through the stages of the extensive rigid screening, I managed to clinch one slot. It’s quite a feat! It’s liken to a camel passing through the needle’s hole. Whew! Once I secured the slot, I wrote down my to do list.

Since I was a newbie in flying as well as going overseas, I asked my friend’s advice about the luggage preparation and the airport process. My friend told me that the check in luggage maximum weight is 30 kilos and hand carry is 10 kilos. She said it with conviction that I did not bother to double check. I bought a huge luggage to place all my stuff and opted to have one small bag for hand carry.

My father advised me to travel light and to just bring few clothes but I was already dead set in filling up that 30 kilos. With my checklist on hand, I filled my luggage with tons of clothes, heavy souvenirs, and other personal belongings as if I won’t be returning home anymore.I was too thrilled to remember that I will just stay there for three months. I felt like I will be staying there until the end of time.:p

Once done packing, I did a rough check on my to do list and I was confident that all is well. On the other hand, weighing the luggage totally slipped my mind. Ha! (Imagine what happened at the airport.. Check it out here -> luggage  … )

I was all set and ready to fly, fly away via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  My father, stepmom and sister accompanied me to the airport…  and we were extremely early! :p After going through the airport procedure, I finally boarded the plane. I was warned that when the plane prepares for take off, I will experience pain in the ears. So, I brought with me several pack of mentos.

Once seated, I kept popping in my mouth one mentos after another. And you bet, I was ready to fly.  To my amazement, I did not feel any pain. Ha! Is it because of the mentos?  (Hush hush… I heard that the pain can be felt if the airplane is not of “excellent quality”… Must be true huh? :p)

Curious on what happened at the airport? Check out my next article  -> luggage

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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