transfer of ownership

It was a typical Sunday afternoon…
Crowded mall…
Jampacked walkway…
Long queue everywhere…

With people walking to and fro including children happily running and jumping all over the place, it’s totally head spinning! Ha!

Lali and I had to endure the “lovely sounds” and mob because we need to process a transfer of ownership. Big word! 🙂 After buying milk tea with pearl, we headed straight to the mobile customer service center. The queue number was at 1039 and our number was at 1044.

Lali is taking over my iphone and a transfer of ownership was needed for a post paid service. It’s funny because it sounds like I was selling a land or house.  While waiting patiently for our turn, we entertained ourselves by watching the Forbes Richest People in the world. It felt like the “ka ching ka ching” sound of the cash register was playing loudly and dollar signs are popping everywhere.

It took us more than half an hour to queue and the processing took around 10 to 15 minutes. The transfer of ownership will take effect after 3 to 5 working days. There goes my iphone. It will soon be owned by my friend. I will surely miss our memorable moments together. It’s one of the most useful gadget I’ve ever had!

Life must go on… Aja!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

4 thoughts on “transfer of ownership”

  1. nauma ka ketdin a isu inlako mon!!! you can have a better one in the next days!!! baka adda payen sukat na. awan la nagalusan ditan insan??? (do i have to write in english???)

    1. @ranie no cousin. i really love my iphone but i have to do the transfer of ownership because… you will know in my next article. ha!

      i have the “jologs” phones. LOL maybe you can give me your blackberry cousin. hehehe

      (Preferably English cousin, but Ilokano and Tagalog are accepted. hihihi)

      1. unfortunately cousin, my blackberry has a new owner, less the formalities that you undertook. (kung sino ka man na nang snatch o nakapulot sa blackberry ko, pwede bang ibalik mo sa akin!!!!) if your phone is the jologs type, my phone is the patriotic one – myphone QT7 duo which i call berryblack (search mo sa net and you will see why).
        looking forward to read your next article…

      2. @ranie awwww! I perfectly understand the feeling cousin. my digital camera was lost in Kuala Lumpur. waaaaaaaaah!

        you’re funny cousin! LOL but just in case you’re sick of that berryblack, you can pass it to me. hihihi

        i’m currently working on the other articles…i will post it soon! thanks for your time cousin! mmmmmmmmmmmwa!

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