It’s always been my childhood dream to see a real snow and experience the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).  I lived most of my life in the Philippines and few years in Singapore wherein it’s summer most of the time!

Winter just ended when I went to Europe but I did experience Spring for three months. So, I still have Winter and Fall in my bucket list. Also, I promised myself that when I see a real snow, I will definitely take a pinch and savor the taste. Ha! Pardon my naivety. I am what I am. 😉

Following Big Bro’s master plan, I quietly migrated to North America during Winter time!  It was crazy in a way because there were different timezones in every airport I went to for my connecting flights. Thus, my body clock was in a total chaos and I reached my destination absolutely stressed out… for a moment. :p

Stress was replaced with unconcealed childlike grin and excitement! My cousin picked me up at the airport together with her family. She told me that my “Matrix” coat is for Spring and is not thick enough for the Winter. My “Matrix” look had to wait (sorry Majestic Mom!). 😉

When we arrived at their house, I took a pinch of snow on top of her other car and tasted it. It reminded me of the ice in Chowking’s halo halo (Filipino dessert).  It’s absolutely delicious and refreshing! Wohooo!

snow… in front of the house…

Previously, I never bothered to do it because the season was either sunny or rainy, warm or cold. I always bring small umbrella anyway. That would suffice back then. 😀 In a four season country, I learned that it’s a must to know the weather forecast so that you will know how to plan your outfit (how many layers), what jacket to wear (how thick or thin it is), if you will need mittens, etc.

Time flies… Spring is just around the corner and it will be Summer soon! I’ve noticed that a lot of locals love summer! However, for me, I anticipate Fall, Winter and Spring rather than the Summer.  I’ve had my fair share of Summer in this lifetime, I think. -_-  I was told that I will change my mind in a year or two. We’ll see.

Next winter, I will definitely make my own snow angel and snowman. Yabadabadoo!!!!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

16 thoughts on “snow!”

    1. @fourbluehills hahaha! yeah, most of the people who stayed here longer than me say that. we’ll see. i’ll write another article about snow in a year or two. 😀 happy Easter! 🙂

  1. Happy Easter to you too! I am originally from San Diego. I have lived in Wyoming now for ten years. Snow and cold! Especially cold. Bleh, was 30 below this winter. I do NOT miss that and when Spring finally gets here I am going to dance in the street! Make sure you right a follow up post after a couple of winters! 🙂

    1. @fourbluehills sorry it took me
      awhile to reply. you will know the reason when you read my recent article. hehehe

      wow! -30! i can’t wait for the next winter to come… i heard they have -40 here. lol

    1. @vaindulgence yeah…i finally get to wear it last April. hahaha i love the “matrix look”… LOL hmmmm… you might want to ask agapi mou what’s the best month to go to Greece. I presume, it’s July or August?

      let’s dropby in Netherlands and Paris as well when we’re in Europe, do you want it? 🙂

      1. ahahahaha that would be wonderful! i will surely ask him! in fact he might be reading our conversation here ahahahahhaha but i wonder why he just keeps silent!

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