Saranghae Korea!

Aneong Ha Sae Yo! (Hello!)

As promised in my previous article (Korean Aficionado), below are the Korean TV Series that I’ve watched for the past two (2) months.  You may click the links to view:

Note: I prefer watching the original series with subtitles than the “Tagalogized” (dubbed in Tagalog) version.

I’ve also watched Boys Over Flower (multiple times!), Coffee Prince, Sassy Girl, Temptation of a Wife,  Full House, Baker King (partial)  and… I forgot the others. I plead guilty. I’m a sucker for Korean TV Series and reached the point of becoming proficient in the art of reading subtitles!

iPhone crunchyroll app provided a convenient way to watch Korean shows whenever and wherever. Thanks much Steve Jobs and the Apple people for developing the iPhone!  I hope the Flash Player issue will be sorted out soon so that I can watch more. Ha!

As for the Hearts of 19, it’s not yet in the crunchyroll so I have to watch it in I hope the crunchyroll guys will soon add it in their list. Wheey! Time to stop! This blog entry has gotten way too loooooooong! :p

See you all in a bit! Saranghae (I love you)! Aja!


Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

12 thoughts on “Saranghae Korea!”

  1. Aneong ha sae yo! Hmmmm pretty interesting, please dnt make me hook for watching your korean tv series. Believe me I already open a link so I can start to watch.. I got my little bugger here needs my time 🙂 (he turned off the screen again for the nth time)
    I’m sure there are moral lessons in here and lessons in life. hoping for one day I will find time to watch everythng 🙂

    1. @rein hey! thanks for your comment! yeah i’m sure you will get hooked as well. LOL but don’t worry, watching will make you feel good and learn a LOT!

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