Marry Me

Marry Me

It’s a story about an old spinster (a.k.a. old maid) who wants to get married badly. This series kept me glued for two reasons:

  1. The male lead is so cute (he’s also one of the characters in the Boys Over Flowers)
  2. I can relate well to the story because I’m also an old maid. LOL I also want to get married but for the right reasons, otherwise, I’d rather stay single. Ha!

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10 thoughts on “Marry Me

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  1. Well, this is you – the spinster who wanted to get married very badly! Ugh, not! The spinster who wanted to have a child very badly and asking her a sperm donor! LOL

    1. @vaindulgence yes. i’m spinster and proud to be one! i want to get married (but not very badly ey! hahaha) for the RIGHT REASON and with the RIGHT PERSON.i want to have a child as well, with or without a husband. Ha!

  2. I don’t believe in marriage. To me, it’s just a formal event where you sign docs. There’s much more to “belongingness”.

    The right person will come at the right time.

    Also, as far as having a child without a hubby, you better start creating your ad that you’re looking for sperm donors.

    1. @Mitch so, you don’t have plans in marrying PP?

      “The right person will come at the right time.” -> I concur!!!

      ads? i think you can help me with that. LOL (that is if options 1 and option 2 will not agree to my request)

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