It was a busy day when a cute little 3-year old boy named Jack, dropped by in our workplace together with his Dad. Jack’s Dad is one of the executives in the company. While his Dad was having an informal chat with a visitor, Jack made sure that his presence is felt by joining the conversation every now and then.


I can’t help but hear his endless chatter because my area was like three steps away from his Dad’s. When they were preparing to go, Jack saw me.

The conversation went this way:
Jack: Dad, can I say hi to her?
Dad:  Of course Jack.
(With a wide smile on Jack’s face, he walked gleefully towards my direction.)

Jack: Hi!
(I stood up and went to introduce myself and shook his hand)

Me: Hi Jack! I’m TheCuriousMe. How are you today?
(Jack looked absolutely delighted to be treated like a grown up.)

Jack: Where is your little boy? (with a wide grin on his face)
(Whoa! That caught me off guard!)

Me: I don’t have a little boy Jack,  can I take you home instead?
(Jack shook his head and gave me a big smirk.:D)

Dad: That’s a personal question Jack. Sorry, my little boy is a bit shy.
Jack: I’m not shy!

And the day ended with resounding laughters. Bow. 😉

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

16 thoughts on “Jack”

  1. I have to make a comment first bfore fairy does…that’s how fast I am! Lol peace fairy! 🙂 last time she mentioned who will be the donor and I just can see you giggling! 🙂

    1. @rein whoa! it’s a competition ey? LOL vaindulgence is still sleeping I presume. ha! congratulations! you’re the winner this time. hahaha i think it’s a premonition that my first born will be a baby boy. don’t you think? LOL

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