soul sisters

The Royalville species’ characters can be likened to a “halo-halo”, a popular delicious Filipino dessert. (See Exordium to have a preview of Royalville)

A mouth-watering halo-halo comprises of:

  • goodies (suits Majesty’s colorful life)
  • crushed ice (matches Majestylet’s cool personality)
  • sugar (fits Fairylet’s sweet nature)
  • milk (goes with Beautylet’s upbeat attitude)

The abovementioned ingredients should be complete in order to have a delectable halo-halo. Like the halo-halo, the Royalville ilks bring out the stupendous facet of each other’s magnetism by being together. Their souls are intertwined that wherever they are, the connection can undeniably be felt.

Here’s a quick look of the Royalville Family:


  • Mother of the Royalville.
  • Queen of all Queens (sorry Queen E.).
  • With her regal look and posture, she’s absolutely to die for! She can pull off any outfit like a Holywood Celebrity… and I must say, she does it even better!

Prominent Feature: Voluptuous Figure
Skill: Wearing 5-inch high-heeled shoes
Interest: Shopping signature items
Big No No: Unfabulous Creatures


  • Daughterlet of the Future King of Royalville
  • She has a classic and elegant fashion sense and carries it with a punk attitude.
  • Fate designated her as Majesty’s Love Earth Angel whether she likes it or not.

Prominent Feature: Petite Frame
Skill: Giggling
Interest: Writing unfathomable articles
Big No No: Hypocrites


  • Sleeping Fairylet of Royalville
  • She loves taking a nap, anywhere and everywhere.
  • She initially wanted to become a nun but decided to postpone(?) it… and maybe eventually marry?

Prominent Feature:  “Koreana” Eyes
Skill: Sleeping
Interest: Talking on the phone with that mysterious and extremely soft voice.
Big No No: Back fighters


  • Snow White Beautylet of Royalville.
  • She’s the youngest and newest member of the Royalville.
  • She certainly can’t go out without  make up.
  • She loves to pick up Majestylet at the Airport all the time.

Prominent Feature:  “Coupon Bond” Skin Color
Skill: Folding clothes like they’re freshly pressed
Interest: Reading Twilight books.
Big No No: Liars

Want to get to know them in detail? Look out for the next articles about the Royalville Family… Until then! 🙂

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