mistaken “nationality”?

After eating a mouthwatering lunch at Yip Hong, a famous Chinese Restaurant in this side of the world, we decided to go to Superstore to buy weekly food supplies. With my nephew in tow, I was grinning while pushing the cart when I saw a Chinese lady looking and smiling at me.

I thought she’s the same lady that I often had a chance encounter whenever I go to work but I was wrong. All of a sudden, she stopped near our cart and asked me something. The brief conversation went this way:

Lady:      Hi! Are you from Huangzhong?
Me:          Sorry?
(I had a clueless expression on my face… I did not quite catch what she said)

Lady:    Huangzhong, China.
(Smiling with a twinkle in her eyes)

Me:          No. Do I look like a Chinese?
(I was laughing while talking.)
Lady:      Yes.

I just smiled and then we went separate ways. I still have that smirk on my face when I turned to my nephew, James.

Me:        Do I look like a Chinese?
James: No. You look like a Canadian.
(Looking at me with an incredibly serious expression on his face)

That did it. I can’t stop laughing while pushing the cart. Merci Beaucoup James! You’re such a sweetheart.

One last note, it’s really strange because I got that all the time…wherever I go, whoever I meet. Ha! I’ve been asked if I’m a Dutch, French, Latin American, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and Chinese.

I must be a human chameleon? What do you think? 🙂

Proud to be a Filipino 🙂

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

6 thoughts on “mistaken “nationality”?”

  1. I am proud to be a Filipino also but for some reason i had to change my citizenship… eh?
    i just learned you look like canadian now, well that’s according to james LOL… hmmmm puzzled, did u dye ur hair lately? blonde 🙂

    1. @rein you’re still Filipino by heart. 😉 no, my hair is black. i’m also bewildered why he said that. LOL he did not ask for any reward though. so he must be sincere. hahaha
      hmmm… i’m also perplexed why people of different nationalities think that I’m one of them. ha!

  2. Chinese? cuteness batch! hinde ka naman singkit for me. hehehe… maybe because she saw you ate at the Chinese restaurant?

    1. @Brnz nah, different types of nationalities ate at the Chinese Resto. and she specified a place in China. hmmm from experience in Sg, not all Chinese are chinky eyed… same
      as true with Pinoys, not all Filipinos have brown complexion. what ya think? 😉

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