“it’s your fault!”

Another “series” of food for thought from @thenotebookoflove… Read on! 😀

“People will choose to blame their circumstances on fate or bad luck. Very few will admit it’s mainly the choices they have made.

Confidence is admitting who you are, what you’ve done, and loving yourself for what you’ve become, no matter what others think of you.

If you don’t mean something, don’t say it, words are painful weapons that can’t be undone.

I hate those people who only pretend you exist when they need something from you.

If something isn’t happening for you it does not mean it’s never going to; it just means that you’re not ready for it yet.

We keep running after the people who least care about us. Why don’t we just stop, and see the ones running behind us?

Making a difference starts with yourself. Before you can complain about everything else being messed up, figure out what’s wrong with you first.”

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

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