sick & slow

I know I’ve been posting several quotes lately and I’ve been brooding over on several in-progress articles. I guess, I lost the drive when the seller did not allow me to purchase the domain name that I wanted for my website “update” (see related article-> credit card… yey!).

Aside from not having the momentum to finish the pending articles, I have also been under the weather for the past few days. It’s my first time to shiver uncontrollably while I was at work! Whew! I felt like I was about to collapse, hence, I went home early . Darn! I really hate being weak and getting sick.

I drank a humungous amount of gatorade and ginger ale just to keep me going. Not to mention the numerous biogesic, neozep, ginseng, multivitamins, iron, b3, b12, caltrate, d, c, and magnesium that I took subsequently. Yeah, I was out of my mind… I just wanted to regain my strength and get better as soon as possible.

my energizer!

Anyway, I’m back and bubbly as ever! I’m absolutely excited with my blog site update. I’ll be working on it this next few days, clean up my checklist, and hopefully “launch” it by September.

It will be in a new home… a new name… and a new design… For those who followed  intensely, don’t worry, it will still exist… in a way  … Just watch out!  It will evolve into a totally “chaotic” site that reflects the crazy side of me! :p

Suggestions are very much appreciated.
You can send it to:

Tenchu! 🙂

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