airshow 2011

I had a blast watching the grand airshow few weeks ago. The entrance fee ($30!) was quite expensive but it’s worth it.  I used  RJ’s (my nephew)  Canon DSLR camera in capturing the mesmerizing moments. Please bear in mind that I’m a budding photographer…. :p  Below are some of my snapshots:


bagpipes’ group

Canada Airforce

Theresa hanging like a bat (upside down!)

The stunts performed by the US troops was absolutely spectacular. On the other hand, the Canada Airforce left the crowd in awe via their death defying performance! It’s a totally heart stopping tour de force!

Unfortunately, I missed the highlight of the show because I needed to attend a birthday party (hectic schedule eh? :p). Nonetheless,  I was still able to maximize my time, took several snapshots, and enjoy the airshow.

Until next year!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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