high school reunion

After 17 years, the legendary SCROMAX from Saint Louis College High School (La Union, Philippines) met again.   However, three (3) did not make it because of reasons… reasons… reasons… 😉

find me! :p

I have to mention that Angelica is excused because she’s in England. For Xenia, she did send a message that she’s sick. As for Charina, we are totally clueless. Well… that’s life! Don’t worry Cha, you’re forgiven and we still love you.

20 years ago..

SCROMAX stands for Shelly, Charina, Rhiz (other name of TheCuriousMe), Omo (Grace is her first name), Marlyn, Angelica, & Xenia. I can’t remember when and how the group was formed because we all came from different sections (or classes or however you call it in your side of the world).

Shelly, Grace (Omo), Marlyn, & TheCuriousMe

with John (also a Louisian)

The reunion happened in a very famous place in the Philippines called Shakeys at a very famous mall called CSI.  While munching some delicious food, we started talking (or shall I say gossiping? :D) about the good old days. We did not miss to discuss about the juicy tidbits on what happened to the famous high school loveteams (if they eventually got married or got hitched with someone else). Am I a goner now? -_-

gossip girls. LOL

TheCuriousMe,Marlyn, & Shelly

In any case, I was somewhat “out of place” when they started talking about their husbands and children. Since I’m the only one in the group who’s not yet married and I don’t have kids either. Ha! I was just listening to their “grumblings” about how problematic and “joyful” a married life is.

My concept of blissful married life is completely shattered and suddenly vanished into thin air.

Opppzie! I admit, I exaggerated a bit there. I’m just a jealous, pathetic spinster. 😉 I’m sure marriage life is colorful, beautiful, exciting, and peaceful… right?

In a nutshell, it feels wonderful to have funny and loving friends who are definitely for keeps. Eventhough we don’t often communicate, the connection is buried and rooted deep in our hearts. Au Revoir SCROMAX!

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