Friday the 13th

On my way to work, I was in a  chirpy mood while recalling some funny and scary stories about Friday the 13th. I’ve always wondered why people think that bizarre things happen during this day. For me, it’s a lucky day.

I arrived in the office 45 minutes early and I quickly run through my to do list for the day. Guess what? It’s indeed my “lucky” day! I can’t connect to the Internet via wireless! Ha!

Since wireless connection is interrelated with most of the things that I do, I was beginning to feel the anxiety attack. Good thing,  my colleague, Andreas, helped me find a temporary solution while waiting for our “tech” guys.   The funny thing is, the software that I was using decided to join the “fun” and crash! Ha!

I was slightly upset but I don’t want to dwell on it. To keep myself busy and productive, I cleared some of the not so urgent workload that don’t require the the software and the Internet connection.

To cut it short, my (urgent) to do list for the day was completely screwed. On a happy note, I did catch up a little bit after lunch. Thanks to the perogies and cabbage roll lunch that Tiffany ordered. It certainly perked me up! :p

Cabbage Roll & Perogies

In conclusion, I can say that I still consider Friday the 13th as a lucky day (in the true sense of the word)!   The turn of events didn’t dampen my spirit to stay positive!

How’s your Friday the 13th?

scary? lol

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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