Punjabi Wedding

(Note: Click here to check out my airport blooper(s)  😉)

Who would have thought that my visit  to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, three years ago,  to unwind and meet up with friends would end up in gate-crashing a Punjabi wedding? Yes, out of the blue, I was invited by the invited by the invited.

Majestic Mom, my ever loving (with goddess like beauty) Royal Mom, conceptualized an improvised outfit for me because I find the required attire too complicated.  Efxaristo Majestic Mom!

fabulous outfit 😀

Below are the other “fantabulous” snapshots 😀 :

with Dadlet

with Majestic Mom

Wedding reception

Wedding lunch

Bride & Groom

with the Bride & the Groom

Take note, we managed to have a photo with the Bride and the Groom. 😀 So, am I a certified “wedding crasher” now?

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