trick or treat!

The tiny me decided to embark in another adventure  as a “Devil’s Angel” by joining my three (3) nephews for a trick or treat!  I know, I know! I was probably the oldest person who went all out guising with the kids.  Hmmm… can you tell though?  🙂

Like the other kids, my nephews and I went from house to house asking for treats. Ha! I certainly felt I was one of the kids. Uttering “trick or treat!” with gusto and then give out automatic wide grin when receiving treats .


I confess, this was my first trick or treat ever!   See you next Halloween (that is, if you can recognize me!  )!

P.S.  Bonus! Check out some snapshots taken at VendAsta: 😀

with Mariatta

with Tiffany

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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