“ultimate sect”

I was baptized as Roman Catholic.

Since I’m a Lola’s (a.k.a. Grandmother) girl (click here to read Lola’s girl article), I often mimic my Grandmother’s “religious routines”. However, when I was in (Catholic) High School, I started to feel uneasy with certain Roman Catholic practices such as praying to the statues, dipping the finger to the “holy water”, using the rosary to “chant” repetitive “prayers”, etc.

It was this time when my quest for the “ultimate sect” began… I joined various church services such as the Victory Church, Jesus is Lord, and Protestant Church. I’ve also researched on the practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ). The journey helped me understand their customs…  but I can’t seem to shake off the fact that a missing piece of the puzzle is yet to be found.

Few years later, a friend lend me a book called National Sunday Law. Before I know it, I’ve finally connected most of the dots.

I started attending (not regularly though) the Seventh Day Adventist Church service held during Saturday as well as joining some of their activities.

my fave!


Chinese songs for the Grannies

Grannies @ Cheshire Home

i’m doing a lip-sync. LOL

with Pastor Fabien 😀

Furthermore, I also tried Buddhism (click here to read related article -> Kwan Yim Temple) and still do soul-searching every now and then (click here to read Detoxification article).

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as “ultimate sect” or religion. That’s my two cents.  All the same, respect is the key. Whatever you believe in, just keep the faith.

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4 thoughts on ““ultimate sect””

  1. Hello! I have been an sda for 6 years. Glad to hear that you tried going to an Adventist church. I grew up with my dad who still practices new age beliefs. My parents are split but my mom took me to a Christian church growing up. When I started to study the bible for myself with the sda’s I saw that many of the practices in popular Christianity were not from scripture and God convicted me that there are only really 2 religions in this world, the Bible and everything else. God lead me to many other sources that confirmed this like a book called “The Two Babylons” which is about how catholicism is just a reiterating of many other ancient beliefs.Those ancient beliefs can all be traced back to Babylon. Buddhism, Hinduism, New l Age, transcendental meditation, Taoism, Shintoism even comic book super heroes come

    from one source. God showed me that the best way is his way because I know no matter what I do I cannot fix myself. May God Bless you on your journey and if you hear him calling, say here I am.

    p.s. have you ever studied the amazing facts bible study guides? http://www.Amazingfacts.com http://www.amazingfacts.org/free-stuff/bible-studies/free-online-bible-school.aspx

    1. Hi Andrew! Thank you for the inspiring message and for the link. I’ll surely check that out. 😀 I’ve been attending the SDA church (on and off) for a few years now. One thing that bothers me though is when they say, SDA are “believers” and the rest are “unbelievers”. It’s like saying that SDA is the “ultimate sect” since they are the “believers”?

  2. I’m also a Roman Catholic though the faith is really not that strong. Recent events in the Philippines just keeps weakening my faith. There is this Archbishop who shamelessly asked the former president for a brand New Montero SUV when he and other bishops (bloggers call them MitsuBishops or S.U.V.shops. LOL) were exposed the Archbishop was quoted saying he would even sell his soul to the devil if it would help other people and true to his word, he in another event had protected a priest accused of raping a teenage girl.
    IMHO, religions are merely the most successful business that were ever put up. They earn huge sums of money TAX FREE!

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