Boat Quay

Stressed? If you’re near Raffles  and Fullerton Hotel in Singapore,  it’s pretty awesome to drop by in Boat Quay to unwind.  😉  The steady rhythm of the Singapore river helps calm ones skittish nerves.

I used to frequent Boat Quay when I was still in Singapore. Once I find a spot, I will stay there for few minutes (or hours), staring blankly in the horizon and let my imagination run wild.  Another fun thing to do in Boat Quay is to watch people.    It’s certainly a good way to loosen up.

workout in Boat Quay!

near Fullerton Hotel

Shhhh…. My favorite spot was near the “Boat Quay bird” statue.  I’ve been trying to figure out since time immemorial if it’s a big bird or a little bird…  Hmmmmmm… It looks weird. What do you think?

big bird or little bird?

Whatever.  Next stop East Coast (Singapore). 😉

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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