big sister’s house

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Being a stranger in a foreign land is one thing, not knowing anyone is another thing. That’s what happened when I went to Singapore few years back. At that point in time, I was getting drowned from too much struggles.

I seek refuge in Joan’s dig. I was a total stranger to her but she gave me a warm welcome like a long-lost sister and helped me out in getting settled in her place. I call it, “The Big Sister’s House” .  Sounds familiar eh?

with Tito Glennie, Big Sis, & James Lee

We were five housemates (indicated below), strangers at first, and eventually became one big happy family.  😀

Big Sister (Joan) :  She’s in charge of the overall management of the flat.
She also makes sure that we are all good despite her hectic schedule. Thanks Big Sis!

Manager (Jessie):  Mostly, he takes the tab whenever the whole troupe goes out.
Aside from being the big wig, he’s also our tour guide and comedian.  Ha!

James Lee (Jamo):  He usually gets his way. No, he’s not a spoiled brat.
Shhh… I taught him how to mop the floor because he doesn’t know how to do it. According to him, he already mastered it to perfection. He thinks the house is cleaner now whenever he’s on duty. 😀

Tito Glennie (Glenn):  He’s a casanova in the making… Err… That’s what he wants to portray. LOL
He likes experimenting and cooking tons of food. However, after spending so much time cooking, he usually ends up eating a take out. (Read between the lines.)

BonBon (TheCuriousMe): Cooks “paksiw” (sour fish) all the time.
I was on a tight budget at that time so I frequently cook fish, either “paksiw” or “sinigang”. Both are sour Filipino dish. 


New Year

We all love to take it easy and live life to the fullest!

I consider my housemates in Big Sister’s House as my life-long friends. A true gem that’s difficult to find! Hopefully, we will have an awesome get together one of these days.  Miss you guys! XO

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what you see is what you get... :p

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