Jared is my 2-year old nephew (Uriel Nathan’s youngest brother  <- click to read related article). He’s the most hyper kid I’ve ever known! He laughs a lot, run around all the time and most of all, he loves to play with the cooking utensils (the real ones!). You betcha! It looks like we have a chef in the making.

“buy” ingredients

little chef

don’t disturb

One time, my brother and his family went for a trip in Singapore. We all met up and I became their tour guide and at the same time, “nanny” of the kids (Uriel Nathan and Jared). I showed them around the Singapore tourist spots and visited the neighboring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Songs of the Sea, Singapore

On board a train, there’s an instance wherein Jared just burst into tears and cried non-stop. I was in a state of panic because the train was totally jampacked. It’s either he was irritated with all the people around him or he’s hungry or he wants to run around or he just feels like crying (?).

Later on, my brother told me that Jared sometimes pretend to cry if he doesn’t get what he wants. My brother and his wife usually ignore him and let him “cry” . Take note, you can’t see any tears but you can definitely hear the “crying sound”. 😀  He’s such a best child actor that I even got fooled once! Ha!

Genting, Malaysia


When they went back to the Philippines, my brother kept bugging me (up to now!) to have a video chat via Skype with Jared because he loves looking at himself in front of the camera. FYI, we don’t really talk because he can’t say much yet. He just kept waving and smiling and saying “Ta” (short for Tita – Filipino word for Aunt) while looking at the camera. He probably thinks that he’s the most handsome kid on earth. 🙂


future heartthrob

That’s Jared, the tornado, the little chef, and the best child actor!  😀

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2 thoughts on “Jared”

  1. CUTE! I hear yah with the best child actor part! Got a son with the same age too so i am familiar with their dramas…LOL! They are priceless though! 🙂

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