Mr. Anderson

Fritchie (Charles Anderson’s Mom) and I were chatting about the good old days when she related some adorable episodes with Charles.

Mr. Anderson 🙂

Read on! (Lost? Click here to read related article, “Where’s Charles?”)


Charles: Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
Mommy: (pretending to be surprised) Happy Valentine’s Day Charles! I love you.
Charles: I love you too Mommy! Mommy, Daddy got a surprise for you in the kitchen and it’s a flower! Don’t go to the kitchen ok? It’s a surprise!

Mommy: Oh really Charles? I want to see it!
(Note: Mommy already saw the dozen of red roses the night before Valentine’s Day when she came home late from work.)

Charles: No Mommy. It’s a surprise from Daddy. We made it last night
(Charles meant they put it in a vase).

Mommy: But I wanna see it. And since it’s for Mommy…

Charles then agreed and he accompanied his Mom to the kitchen.

Charles: See Mommy? Surprise!!!
Then he opened the card and spelled the words, “I love you Mommy”
(Note: Charles knows his alphabets and numbers now. He can’t read yet but he can spell. He will be 3 years old next month!)

Mommy: Oh! I love you Charles!
Charles:No. I love you more Mommy!

Fritchie & Charles

Awwwww! Such a charming little prince! Right on Charles! Make your Mommy proud! 😀

fire truck

Fritchie and her friend Edna (a.k.a. Ninang) were talking on the phone when Charles butt in.

Charles: Ninang, I wanna go there.
Ninang: Your Daddy borrowed your Mommy’s car. So, she can’t drop you off because she doesn’t have a car right now.
Charles: But Mommy can drive my fire truck Ninang.
(Note: Charles was referring to his toy)

Ha! He sure has a unique method of providing solutions. Way to go Charles!

Thanks Fritchie Anderson for sharing! 😀

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