driver’s license saga

It’s been almost a year since my fourth road test. I know… this post is extremely late! I had to cool down first and live my life the way it should be (click related article -> submarine ). 😉

Anyhow…  People who know me think that I’m the kind of person to pass an exam on the first try; how the hell did I end up taking the road test four  (4) times? Here’s a brief rundown:
(Note: To pass the road test, you are only allowed to incur 9 point deduction.)

road test preparation:

driving 6+6 seat belt note to self (driving!)

1st road test:
At a T intersection with two left-turn lanes, I made a left-hand turn from the second left-turn lane into the first left-turn lane…. the wrong lane. Fail!
(Click here to read the blog entry -> road test.)

photo courtesy of jellybean

photo courtesy of jellybean

2nd road test:
The stages of the test were already covered and all that was left was to drive back to the examination office; I looked left to make sure my lane was clear then made my right turn. Halfway through my turn, a car zoomed in from out of nowhere and nearly hit the car that I was driving! Fail! (No blog entry. Too upset to write.)

photo courtesy of jellybean

3rd road test:
On our way back to the examination office, I was about to make a left turn when the examiner stopped me. The oncoming car was three (3) car lengths away, he emphasized that the distance should be half a block or five (5) car lengths away.  Fail! (No blog entry. Too busy crying like a baby. :p)

photo courtesy of jellybean
photo courtesy of jellybean

photo courtesy of jellybean

4th road test: BOOM! I finally made it! 😀
(Click here to read the blog entry, take 4!)

How did I fare in winter driving? Check out my next post… :p

P.S. (jibber jabber mode :p )
On the 2nd and 3rd road test, I was pretty sure that I nailed all the important stages but something happened on the way back which unfortunately led to failure. It sucks big time! Like Neil (my driving instructor) said, it just happened to be my unlucky day. -_-

(Note: Parallel parking was the most feared stage of the test and I passed that with flying colors in all the four tests! That kinda boosted my self esteem. Thank goodness Neil taught me a technique which made it easy breezy! ;))

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