winter driving

Driving in the land of the living skies wherein snow is practically all over the place during winter is a total nightmare. The road turns into a big skating rink when the snow becomes icy… too slippery!
(Click here to have a bird’s eye view on what land of the living skies mean -> “warm”-weather).  😉

Below are my share of winter-related incidents within a year of driving:
*** underground parking
I was zooming out from a sketchy underground parking and dove straight to a parked car right across the garage door. (I felt like I was in a movie scene wherein the cars were flying everywhere -_-).

underground parking ramp

parked car – alley – garage door

Result: Insurance paid for the damage on my car and the other party’s front bumper and I got deduction on my driver’s safety rating. 😦  Of course, I still had to pay the deductible and a fine (yes… a penalty for using the insurance in less than two months of having it… O_O).

*** open parking
I bumped into a post while backing up in a crowded parking lot.

parking lot post

the bumper

Result: Damaged rear bumper. Aside from having no budget to get it fixed…it’s a reminder for me to drive safely and avoid post at all cost! :p  I don’t mind driving a cheap car with a damaged rear bumper (fancy car is way out of my league).

Hey! It survived winter, so no matter how crappy my car is…  it’s still sturdy.;)  Most importantly, I can drive my family around when they come for a visit. 😀 Also, it saves me from freezing to death during winter while waiting for a bus with half an hour to an hour interval!

*** intersection
I nearly crashed into three vehicles when I did a left turn in a three-lane intersection.

imagine a 3-lane intersection :p

intersection turns into like this (ice skating rink)!

I’m not sure how I managed to survive winter driving but prayers help a great deal.:) My mantra… pray before driving!

Justin, I don’t have bullet holes (click here to read related entry -> bullet holes)  decal on my car. The damaged bumper serves as my “extravagant” decoration. 🙂

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