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Running in a marathon has always been on my bucket list but my eagerness to join was overshadowed by my unmotivated aspiration to train.  I usually end up doing the preparation in my sleep. I know, running in my dreams is not really an ideal way to get ready for a marathon. :p


Anyway, when I heard about Color Me Rad  I got pumped up because that’s close to running in a marathon (but not as intense!) while getting “dirty”! Yes, dirty! :p You get hit by a color bomb while running! 🙂 The most important part for me is that a portion of the proceeds go to the Children’s Charity… Truth be told, I have soft spot for children.

Audrey, TheCuriousMe, & Jen

Well, I didn’t really prepare much since it’s not as intense as a marathon. I figured, I’ll just walk… walk… run… until I reach the finish line. I was lucky because I was with the VendAsta troupe and I got to walk and run with Jenna, Audrey and Jen. In the end, Jen and I were left behind because Jenna and Audrey have longer legs than us. :p



Joining the Color Me Rad (5K) was extremely fun, I will definitely join again next year!

VendAsta troupe

my 5K badge :)
my 5K badge 🙂

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