Part 1

How Did It Begin?

Thinking of a name is not like singing the ABC. I squeezed my tiny brain to come up with a domain name and it took almost a year!

I consolidated the names that I’ve come up, consulted my friends about it and even tallied the results. πŸ˜€ After which, I asked one of my consultants to chose from the top 3 options and she rejected all of it! Back to square one. sigh…

My site concept is something that is anything under the sun (which is too broad, I know) and ideally, the concept and name should match. I prepared around 15 options and gave it to TheSoulfulVixen.

Thank goodness she finally approves one out 15 options but with one condition, she said I need to change one letter for technical thingy. So, from jumblepodge, jumblepudge is born.

Practically, jumblepudge is tidbits of anything.:)

Part 2 (July 2010)

While the jumblepudge.com is being set up, S (one of my consultants) thought that the name, content, and display image are not related.

I requested her to do the logo and display image and we can’t seem to agree on how to go about it because my concept is a mess.

Last week, I showed her some of the articles that I’ve written and that’s when she thought of a new name. I was a bit hesitant in replacing jumblepudge because I like the sound of it. πŸ™‚

After few days of contemplating, I told S that I will still use jumblepudge but at the back of my mind, I know S is correct.

S asked TW’s opinion and TW said that jumblepudge is more into travel and food in which these can be easily found in discovery channel and food network. 😐

I hate to admit it but it does make sense :8

What made me change my mind? I guess the pointers that TW gave made a big impact. TW and S are both right. I need to narrow down my site map and connect the dots because it’s too broad and chaotic.Β Cutting down the categories and changing the domain name are good ways to restructure my blog site.

S and I both agreed that the concept of the logo and display image should be simple and vibrant to inject a positive atmosphere in the site (See Blog Set Up)

Voila! thecuriousme.com is born. πŸ˜€
…when the curious meets opportunities…

Until then! Aja!

10 thoughts on “about”

  1. congratulations “the curious me” thanks for sharing your site… it’s exciting! love it especially sharing about life, relationships and trips. post more coz i will be reading more and more.

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