I first met Charles five years ago when he was almost two years old. He’s such an adorable kid...  and I so so so love him dearly! 😀 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the links below to read the related posts: Mr. Anderson                                Where’s... Continue Reading →

“bullet holes”

One windy weekend before Christmas (2012), my three cousins (Vilmor, Raymund, and Freddie), teenage niece (Reichelle) and I (thecuriousme) went to Washington DC for a day trip. The search for a parking spot slowed to a snail’s pace because we were deeply overwhelmed by the grandeur of the White House. All of a sudden, a... Continue Reading →

Mr. Anderson

Fritchie (Charles Anderson’s Mom) and I were chatting about the good old days when she related some adorable episodes with Charles. Read on! (Lost? Click here to read related article, “Where’s Charles?”) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- surprise Charles: Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Mommy: (pretending to be surprised) Happy Valentine’s Day Charles! I love you. Charles: I love... Continue Reading →

songs & lyrics

I have this uncanny thing with titles and lyrics. It all gets mixed up in my head and the next thing you know, it becomes a “new” song. :p Hence, requesting for a song is such an ordeal for me (or should I say to the DJ on board?).   Check out the crazy moments whenever... Continue Reading →


I had a great and restful sleep so I decided to do the following in one shot: *** cook arrozcaldo *** grill (broil) chicken *** "cook" perogie *** heating food in the microwave It’s indeed a “cooking spree”!  When I opened the oven to check the chicken, after few minutes the alarm went off! It... Continue Reading →

go kart!

We, the VendAstians went for a Go Kart race yesterday; I was included in the heat 27 and 31. As a newbie driver and first time Go Kart racer, I was incredibly nervous. Even so, I did my best to play it cool and enjoy the race. When it was heat 27's turn, I chose... Continue Reading →


The July sunny weather prompted me to wear my “skort” (a.k.a. short pants inside a skirt) in going to the office. I consider it as one of my “prized” possession because I’ve had it for 13 years. It’s classic, chic and comfortable. A total gem eh? Anyway, I was so happy wearing it… until I... Continue Reading →

ogre & dwarf

Last Friday, ML, Scott and I were in our workplace’ tiny kitchen preparing our morning “wake-me-up” drinks. I was inching my way towards the teakettle when I blurted out to Scott, “I feel like a dwarf standing beside you.” Then Scott replied, “and I feel like an ogre.“ ML and I burst into laughter. The... Continue Reading →

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