I first met Charles five years ago when he was almost two years old. He’s such an adorable kid…  and I so so so love him dearly! 😀

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Up to this day, Fritchie (Charles’ Mom) and I still shares a good laugh whenever we recall Charles’ funny antics. 🙂 Here are some new ones that are truly remarkable. Read on!

Charles got an award in school. Sensational Speller

 chaz-Christmas  charles-

Charles: Mommy, I can spell anything now! My level is grade 3 level… that’s what Ms. Whiteside said
Mommy: I know Charles, you did a really good job in school and we are so proud of you.

(as Charles enters the house…)

Charles: Daddy… Daddy! I got a trophy! I’m the best speller in our class, grade 3 level. I can spell anything now.
Daddy: Ohhhh really? Spell “anything”
Charles: E N I T H I N G

Mommy and Daddy looked at each other stifling a laugh and they both tried to sound out  the word “anything”.

Charles: I know! I know! A N Y T H I N G   I told you I know!

In bed… Daddy was snoring, Charles couldn’t sleep, and Mommy was pretending to be fast asleep.

 chaz  Charles

Charles: Daddy, Daddy… I’m bored… I can’t sleep… Can I have the remote please?
Daddy: Go to sleep
Charles: I can’t. I’m too bored. I wanna watch TV.
Daddy: Count the holes on the wall
Charles: What? There’s holes on the wall?
Daddy: Pretend there are holes on the wall and count it.

(Mommy was trying hard not to laugh because she’s supposed to be fast asleep.
After two minutes)

Charles: But Daddy I can’t see the holes. Can you please turn on the light?
Daddy: Charles go to sleep

(After few minutes….)

Charles: I can’t really sleep. I need the remote.

(Daddy ignored Charles)

Charles: Can I watch TV now Daddy? I will sleep if you give me the remote.

(Then, Daddy eventually gave him the remote)

After ten minutes of watching TV, Charles’ finally fell asleep.




Mommy: Can you write a card for Mlle. Dorman? We will go out tomorrow to buy her a present.
Charles: Ok Mommy. (then he proceeded to get his markers and paper)

(After 10 minutes, Charles went to the kitchen to show his work of art.)

Charles: Mommy I did it. I even did it in French and I made the letters in patterns like red and green.  (He also drew a Christmas tree)
Mommy: (wondering) Charles, how did you know the French words for Merry Christmas?
Charles: Mommy I searched it in Google. Everything is in Google you know, Mommy.


See??? Isn’t he adorable? 😀 See you again soon! 


“bullet holes”

One windy weekend before Christmas (2012), my three cousins (Vilmor, Raymund, and Freddie), teenage niece (Reichelle) and I (thecuriousme) went to Washington DC for a day trip. The search for a parking spot slowed to a snail’s pace because we were deeply overwhelmed by the grandeur of the White House. All of a sudden, a cop on a bicycle appeared out of nowhere, motioning us to pull over… we hadn’t even noticed he was on our trail!

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

The police officer grilled Vilmor and Raymund regarding our visit to Washington DC. He cited that driving slowly around the White House in a van covered in bullet hole decals raises suspicion. The atmosphere inside the van did not help either; three guys wearing toques and leather jackets (which pretty much projected a “gangsta” image) were the only ones visible from where the cop was standing. Reichelle and I were partly hidden.

“bullet holes”

“the van”

Nonetheless, Vilmor explained that we were in Washington DC for a day trip and they were showing me around because it’s my first trip to the US. The cop relaxed a bit when he saw me and my niece, transitioning from a stern police officer into a friendly tourist guide. He suggested other tourist spots in the area and directed us to a few parking spots. Also before we took off, , the cop politely requested Vilmor remove the bullet hole decals from his van.

bullet hole decals

We were shaken but that did not dampen our spirit to have a great time in Washington DC and get a glimpse of the White House from the outside.

Reichelle & TheCuriousMe


“I declare chocolate as the international dessert!”

“One currency for all nations!”

I must say, whoever designed the bullet hole decal, you’re the man!:D

Mr. Anderson

Fritchie (Charles Anderson’s Mom) and I were chatting about the good old days when she related some adorable episodes with Charles.

Mr. Anderson 🙂

Read on! (Lost? Click here to read related article, “Where’s Charles?”)


Charles: Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
Mommy: (pretending to be surprised) Happy Valentine’s Day Charles! I love you.
Charles: I love you too Mommy! Mommy, Daddy got a surprise for you in the kitchen and it’s a flower! Don’t go to the kitchen ok? It’s a surprise!

Mommy: Oh really Charles? I want to see it!
(Note: Mommy already saw the dozen of red roses the night before Valentine’s Day when she came home late from work.)

Charles: No Mommy. It’s a surprise from Daddy. We made it last night
(Charles meant they put it in a vase).

Mommy: But I wanna see it. And since it’s for Mommy…

Charles then agreed and he accompanied his Mom to the kitchen.

Charles: See Mommy? Surprise!!!
Then he opened the card and spelled the words, “I love you Mommy”
(Note: Charles knows his alphabets and numbers now. He can’t read yet but he can spell. He will be 3 years old next month!)

Mommy: Oh! I love you Charles!
Charles:No. I love you more Mommy!

Fritchie & Charles

Awwwww! Such a charming little prince! Right on Charles! Make your Mommy proud! 😀

fire truck

Fritchie and her friend Edna (a.k.a. Ninang) were talking on the phone when Charles butt in.

Charles: Ninang, I wanna go there.
Ninang: Your Daddy borrowed your Mommy’s car. So, she can’t drop you off because she doesn’t have a car right now.
Charles: But Mommy can drive my fire truck Ninang.
(Note: Charles was referring to his toy)

Ha! He sure has a unique method of providing solutions. Way to go Charles!

Thanks Fritchie Anderson for sharing! 😀

songs & lyrics

I have this uncanny thing with titles and lyrics. It all gets mixed up in my head and the next thing you know, it becomes a “new” song. :p

Hence, requesting for a song is such an ordeal for me (or should I say to the DJ on board?).   Check out the crazy moments whenever I request a song via Wave radio with DJ Mitch on board:

radio booth: before show begins

TheCuriousMe: Please play “Burn”
DJ Mitch:            Ok.
(Then she plays “Burn” with the lyrics “I want you to burn, Burn for me baby..”)

TheCuriousMe:  No, that’s not right song.  The lyrics should have  “… watch me burn…”

(Note: I was referring to Rihanna/Eminem’s song, “Love the Way You Lie”)


TheCuriousMe:  I want to request a back to back song, Bad Romance and Rhumba.
DJ Mitch:               What do you mean Rhumba?
TheCuriousMe: The song with, “lalala rhumba, lalala rhumba”

Note: It turns out, the title is “I know you want me”. 
            At least I got the “Bad Romance” right. hahaha


TheCuriousMe:  Please play “Galileo”
DJ Mitch:                Galileo what???
TheCuriousMe:  I don’t really know the title but the lyrics has a Galileo in it.

(Note: The Galileo I was saying should be “Gotta let go” and the title of the song is Dynamite)


TheCuriousMe:  I want to request the song with “kiss” in the lyrics
DJ Mitch:                How the hell will I know that?
TheCuriousMe:  The song has humps and kiss. You know that song. It’s one of your favorites last year.

Note: That “humps & kiss” should be pumped up kicks. :p

There you have it! Now, who wants to challenge that creativity in jumbling up titles and lyrics? Are you up for it Justin M? 😉

P.S.  DJ Mitch, kindly play any Air Supply song. 😀

DJ Mitch: “tea?”


I had a great and restful sleep so I decided to do the following in one shot:

*** cook arrozcaldo


*** grill (broil) chicken


*** “cook” perogie


*** heating food in the microwave

It’s indeed a “cooking spree”!  When I opened the oven to check the chicken, after few minutes the alarm went off! It scared the hell out of me! At first, I thought it’s the oven that’s making that crazy sound, so I immediately turned it off.


“the accomplice”

However, the alarm did not stop. I was going nuts figuring out what’s happening. Good thing, Hyan (my housemate) woke up and helped me out by fanning the smoke away from the smoke alarm. He also opened the window for a moment, to let the “snow cold” air in. Miraculously, the sound stopped. Whew!

It turned out, the smoke alarm was triggered because I was cooking so many things at the same time! Considering that the windows and doors are closed and the heater is turned on (it’s Winter!), the room temperature just shoot up to the “hotness” level!



Lesson Learned:
Open the front door and the windows when cooking a lot of dishes all at once!

go kart!

We, the VendAstians went for a Go Kart race yesterday; I was included in the heat 27 and 31. As a newbie driver and first time Go Kart racer, I was incredibly nervous. Even so, I did my best to play it cool and enjoy the race.

my “gears”

When it was heat 27’s turn, I chose the number 10 kart. And my “agony” began due to the following impediments:

  • I cannot properly reach the break and gas pedal
  • The seat can no longer be adjusted
  •  Solution: Step on the side (edge) part of the break and gas pedal

getting ready… (photo courtesy of Allan Wolinski)

My left leg seem to be shorter at that time because I could hardly press the break pedal. As a result, it was a total nightmare for me during the heat 27.

  • It was a big challenge for me to work on a smooth turn especially the “S” section

  • I got pushed to the side while making a turn (I was stucked for few minutes)

  • Instead of going to the “finish area”, my kart “was out of control” and would like to continue the race.

As soon as the race started, I was already wondering when will it end. I was earnestly waiting for the checkered flag (signal for the last lap) to be waved.

Moving forward, in heat 31, I chose kart number 8 instead of kart number 10. I was amazed when I was able to sleekly reach the gas pedal and the break; well, it’s not the way it should be, but it was enough for me to control both pedals. This time, I was able to truly enjoy the race and  was even contemplating that the time should be extended!

go kart (photo courtesy of Allan Wolinski)

One more thing, I was able to park the go kart into the proper location when the race was finished. Yipey! All I can say is, mission accomplished! 😉


The July sunny weather prompted me to wear my “skort” (a.k.a. short pants inside a skirt) in going to the office. I consider it as one of my “prized” possession because I’ve had it for 13 years. It’s classic, chic and comfortable. A total gem eh?

skort – front

Anyway, I was so happy wearing it… until I felt that the zipper malfunctioned. Darn! For a split second, I was rattled and worried. Good thing I was inside the washroom when it happened, thus, I was able to come up with an unconventional solution. Whew!

skort – back

I switched the position of my “skort”, this time the zipper was placed in front. Then, I zipped my jacket and pulled it down to  temporarily keep my skort in place. I must have visited the washroom a number of times throughout the day to check the “condition” of my skort. My colleagues must have been wondering if I was suffering from stomach upset.

On the other hand, the strong summer breeze on my way home was a blessing in disguise. I would have looked like a fool wearing a thick jacket during a sunny day. Ha! Let there be wind!

A jacket surely comes handy in times of “crisis”.  Aja!