the one

Have you found “the one”? Or has “the one” got “stuck in traffic”? Whatever  stage  you are at, worrying and rushing won’t really help. Things will fall into place at the right time, just keep the faith… 😉 Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I thought this story might inspire some people. I’ve been asked... Continue Reading →

Sasa & Gege

In as much as I would like to be a silent follower of Sasa (Sarah Geronimo) & Gege (Gerald Anderson)… I must say, I could no longer contain it!  I’m now a super fan! My little sisters, Fritchie Anderson and DJ Mitch, are now getting infected with my “contagious” admiration for Sasa & Gege! Ha!... Continue Reading →


“You see, when you and I, that time, I was afraid it will not work out. We are like a universe apart. You don't deserve me. I am workaholic. I thought to marry someone I like and someone who is from here, so that I know the relationship will work out. I grew fond of... Continue Reading →


Ready? (Note: Check out the article "baffled?" for a sneak preview of this article.) Mitch (served as the moderator) Pro Yno believed that Yno can take care of the relationship better than Alex. Scott made an effort to be neutral but obviously Pro Alex hoped that Yno is the type who’s there even if how... Continue Reading →

situation 1

“The communication between the guy and the lady resurrected after few months. An opportunity paved the way for them to be in the same time zone in which gave the guy a chance to visit  the lady and “propose”. Is it happily ever? 😉 Think again… Last minute, the guy chicken out due to petty... Continue Reading →

situation 2

Alex is expressing his intent to reunite with Buffy after several years of being “apart”. Yno yearns to be a part of Buffy’s life Buffy is somewhat growing closer to Yno but trying to restrain herself because things seem to be bizarre at the moment.   togetherRobert: I have ended a relationship before and I’m... Continue Reading →

situation 3

Why don’t just Alex muster up the courage to go to Buffy’s place directly talk to her? Robert: How will Alex do that now when it shows that Buffy is already entertaining Yno? I’m a guy, I would be crushed. TheCuriousMe: Alex chickens out easily. Possibly, Yno is also a chicken in the making. go... Continue Reading →

situation 4

What should Buffy do? Robert: Perhaps, think things through, know if her heart is in the right place in terms of anger, giving a chance, denial, what does she really want, etc Remember, there are things, places, people or events that act as the path - they could direct her to where she should be.... Continue Reading →


I hope you all had a restful sleep and will be able to share your objective opinion on this matter. Does it sound like an international concern?  Maybe... in a way. Ha!   Just a note, this is a true story. Let’s get down to business. Click on the links below to get the birds... Continue Reading →

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