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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note:  See Royalville related articles: conundrum exordium soul sisters etymology pesky Gossip Girl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Majestic Mom's birthday is coming up! 😀 Thus, the Royalville family and friends will convene once more to honor the irreplaceable Queen of the Royalville. Careful though, the gossip girls (and boys?) and paparrazzis will surely be very busy (again)...... Continue Reading →


Hear ye! Hear ye! It was brought to TheCuriousMe's attention that the "exordium" and "soul sisters" articles are well received (with a big bang!) in the other side of the world. Whoa! That's totally mind-blowing! On behalf of the Royalville Family, merci beaucoup!  😉 Moreover, I heard that someone  is inquiring about the etymology of... Continue Reading →

soul sisters

The Royalville species' characters can be likened to a "halo-halo", a popular delicious Filipino dessert. (See Exordium to have a preview of Royalville) A mouth-watering halo-halo comprises of: goodies (suits Majesty’s colorful life) crushed ice (matches Majestylet’s cool personality) sugar (fits Fairylet’s sweet nature) milk (goes with Beautylet’s upbeat attitude) The abovementioned ingredients should be... Continue Reading →


There is an extraordinary species recently discovered by pool of experts & was established rare from having a very small number of constituents in the universe. And this species lives in a place called Royalville! " - Majesty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Royalville has no beginning and no end. One can never fathom the intricacies of this monarchy... Continue Reading →


Royalville has no beginning and no end. One can never fathom the intricacies of this monarchy unless that creature is gifted with explicit acumen to decipher byzantine mortals. to be continued....

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