melason addiction

Melason (coined word from the names, Melanie and Jason) is a hot topic in the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) because of their unconventional characteristics in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) reality show. Still, it didn’t trigger any interest on my part because I prefer shows from the Kapuso network (GMA 7) over Kapamilya (ABS-CBN). :p

However, when Ram and Betha Joy persuaded me to watch the PBB Big Night (kinda the culmination of the reality show and announcement of the winner) with them… I finally got curious about the Melason mania and the doll named “Dengue”.

From then on, YouTube is my source for Melason updates. Watching Melason banter is definitely refreshing and stress reliever. I haven’t been like this since the Boys Over Flowers fever.

In my point of view, people love Melason because they keep it real and their chemistry is absolutely genuine. No pretensions. No unnecessary drama. Also, they don’t give a damn to what other people say. 😉

Melason inspires us that despite being “us” with all the flaws, there’s one person in the universe who will accept and love us as we are. Melason brings hope to people who are seeking for love and acceptance.

They’re a concrete example that we don’t need to find love because love will find us.;)
I pray that Melason will be forever and will bring forth a real baby “Dengue” followed by their next offspring, baby “Malaria”.

Of course, the first person who will be so ecstatic when they finally tie the knot is BIG BROTHER! Who knows, finally, we will get to see him because of Melason. Let’s wait and see.:D

melai, dengue, & jason

uriel nathan

My four year old adorable nephew, Uriel Nathan, was asking his Dad (my brother) to help him pack plenty of clothes (and he really emphasized on the word PLENTY) and bring him over to his Lolo and Lala’s place; he wants to join them in their overseas trip.

I nearly fainted when my brother asked if its still feasible for my nephew to join his Lolo, Lala and Tita in their overseas trip. I told my brother that everything was already booked and it would be tough re arranging the booking because of time constraints.

A kid travelling without his parents is also an important factor that needs to be looked into. So my brother and I agreed that they will just travel together once my youngest nephew gets his passport.

uriel nathan

My brother was a bit apprehensive on how to explain to him. We were all astonished when he did not throw a fit instead he seem to understand the situation.

He’s like a grown up man trapped in a kid’s body. His maturity level is absolutely outstanding to the point of surpassing some of the older people I know.

Funny thing is, Uriel ,as we fondly call him, can’t seem to stay put in their house. He gladly stayed behind when they visited his Lolo, Lala and Tita after the group arrived from the overseas trip.

Uriel even accompanied his Lala to run some errands and check out some shopping malls in the National Capital Region and Southern part of Luzon (Philippines).

In his young age, he is really living his life to the fullest!

It’s amusing to see myself in him when I was about his age. I also used to tag along with my Lola (grandmother) wherever she went. I’m born to be a wanderer and it looks like my nephew is following my footsteps.

Way to go Uriel Nathan!

Lessons Learned:
Live and enjoy life!

excruciating episode

One of the most excruciating episode of my life occurred today, 02 July 2010.

Before reaching the office, I had already planned the things that I need to do and my mind is set to finish it by end of the day. Sadly, it did not happen as planned. The task that I thought was already completed seemed to have a continuation. It is not difficult but the time frame to finish it is extremely short. And the one in charge was doing things that were supposed to be done the previous week.

Due to poor planning, the owner and I were forced to clean up the mess. I skipped lunch because of time constraints and  tried to squeeze doing my own planned task in between. After awhile, the owner assigned another task in which it’s very alien to me.

As a result: cramming + unfamiliarity + empty stomach = screw up!

Due to that error, the gun was triggered and the bullet went straight to my gut and my self esteem died. The owner screamed at me like I burned down the building. The fact that a number of expectators were present did not help appease the humiliation that I felt. Nevertheless, I mustered up the courage that I have left and calmly solved the problem like a mature adult.

The embarrassment I felt took a toll on me so after a few moment, I broke down to tears. I felt that my self esteem went down the drain coupled. Crying made me realize that I’m human after all.

Anyways, talk about making a mistake at the wrong time. Careful, careful!

Lesson To Be Learned:
Eat when hungry 😀
Rushing causes hiccups
Prepare in advance
Praise in public
Reprimand in private


Photography has always been one of the things that I’m interested in. However, I  prefer using digital or phone camera in taking pictures over the expensive DSLR camera coupled with complicated lenses. DSLR camera and lenses are too expensive, complicated and extremely heavy for me. Most of all, I can’t take a self shot! In general, digital and phone camera are more convenient to use.

Anyhow, I was given an opportunity to hone my skill in photography during the Body Wrap Fit Clinic in Tangs, Singapore. The excitement made me too focused on what I was doing that I forgot to check the photos I’ve taken. As a result:

digital camera + no flash + dim light + newbie photographer = blurred photos

No, I was not upset about it. On the contrary, it motivated me to improve my not so great skill in photography using digital camera.  As they say, patience and practice are the key elements!

Hey, if you happen to have some tips in photography using digital camera you can send it to

That would be a great help for newbies like me. Thanks a lot in advance. Until our next shot!

lost momentus 26052010

Genting via KL Sentral was our next stop on our second day in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

Near our hotel (Ancasa Hotel & Spa), we took a taxi to reach KL Sentral. As we alighted at the KL Sentral, I double checked just in case I left anything in the back seat. When my father asked me to take a photo of him in KL Sentral, that’s the time when we realized that the camera was missing. Unknowingly, the camera fell on the floor when I paid for the taxi fare.

Sad to say, we were not able to get the plate number of the taxi. The information we have were: a yellow taxi and the driver is about 60 years old, thin, with a beard, and he looked like a Malay.

I called the hotel seeking for assistance but the duty manager could not help much since we didn’t take the taxi from the hotel entrance. However, he provided the number for the helpline for taxi and further advised to file a police report.

We searched for the nearest police station and filed a report. The insufficient information provided made the police officers hesitant in helping out. Narrowing down the search via the taxi color  and the time and location didn’t help much either because taxis were owned by different companies. It’s my bad to even think that color coding scheme are practiced all over the world. No matter how slim the chance was, I was still persistent in filing a police report in which the police officer abided.

Although we missed the bus because we stayed at the police station longer than expected; Genting trip was still pushed through as planned but we had to a taxi  that charged almost triple the actual fare. From the taxi drop off point, we took the sky cable (skyway – which run about 3.8 km) to get to Genting.

Despite the lost camera, the Genting and KL trip was still an unforgettable experience that will surely be treasured. Deep in our heart, we are still hoping that a kindhearted soul will return the photos.

New cameras can be bought, but the captured moments that we had in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore were all gone. sigh… Well, life must go on.

Thanks to iPhone… We were able to have some snapshots:

Genting Sky Cable
ip2010 162

Genting First World Hotel

Petronas Tower
ip2010 224 ip2010 230

Lesson Learned:
Always take the plate number of the taxi no matter what!
Think positive. Good things will happen.


One morning, a French gentleman was expected in our office for a business meeting with my two gorgeous chiefs (F and S). Out of the blue, F gave me a “crash course” on preparing a “long” nespresso and requested me to  prepare one  for the visitor.

Although, it’s considered a very simple task, I was still a bit jittery because I don’t belong to the coffee world. Yup… I’m more of a tea person and if ever I drink coffee (which happens once in a blue moon), I can only take 1 or 2 sips because my stomach can’t stand it.

Anyway, the French gentleman asked for nespresso “short” (I have no idea what “short” means) and when I used the machine, it just filled one fourth (1/4) of the cup. I was already in a panic mode and nearly added hot water into the cup to make it full.


In order to signal my predicament, I tried to catch S’ attention but to no avail. I approached my other co-worker to help me out but she also doesn’t know how. Nonetheless, my co-worker suggested to transfer the coffee in a small glass but I can’t find any. Moreover, I was not comfortable giving a very small portion of coffee because I felt that its not enough for a gentleman like him. :p

While figuring out what to do next, F seemed to sense my little problem and she came to my rescue. I was so relieved when she took over. I went back to my desk as if nothing happened. Although, at that point I was hoping that the floor will just open up and swallow me. I was so embarrassed! Until now, I still laugh whenever I remember that incident.

Lessons Learned:
Learn from bloopers.
Let out that hearty laugh to lighten up a not so good situation.



It dawned on me that when I stopped attending the church service, I felt His presence more (or is it just a figment of my imagination?), my faith became stronger, and I have come to terms to freely accept things that happened (and will happen).Whether these are good things or not so good things, it definitely works out for the best.

Some questions pop up once in awhile, my faith is more secure now than before. It’s funny because previously, I was always having this “what if” thing. Now, I always say, “God thy will be done”.

In my point of view, going to church is like taking vitamins everyday wherein eventually you get immune to it. Stopping for awhile removes the residue and later on when you decide to start taking again, your body is more receptive and the absorption is more effective. Although I did not plan it, when I stopped attending the church service, weeks later, I also stopped taking vitamins. Kinda weird huh?

Hmmmm… in the long run, I will get out from this hibernation stage and will attend the church service and take vitamins again. Once in a while, maybe, i will still hibernate to detoxify.

(Note: I’m not suggesting or encouraging you in anyway that you do the same thing. We are empowered to decide on our own accord.)

green tea… great for detoxification…