This site was initially set up to vent out my curtailed emotions. I’m a typical Virgo who just keep things to herself and then explode at the “right” moment. Yup! That’s me! However, I don’t want to get heart problems so I’ve decided to be vocal about my pent up feelings whichever method that is deemed necessary.

 Moreover, I’m a very quiet and shy person. :p Ok, some of you may disagree but that’s my nature since I was a kid. I exerted great effort to overcome it, yet, it still pops up every now and then.

Going back to the site, I decided to make it public because a lot of people shows interest in knowing my whereabouts, what keeps me busy, etc. Hence, TheCuriousMe ( is made available for “public consumption”.

Just a heads up, I’m not earning from this site so I don’t have a budget to pay for a copywriter. Poor me. Tsk tsk tsk… @TheSoulfulVixen and Majesty helps me every now and then (in which I’m very grateful) nonetheless, I can’t possibly bug them and take up their time to proofread my articles all the time. Sigh…

thecuriousme manifesto

 FYI, I’m not an English major, so if you find some missing “S” or more “F” & “S” than it should be… or any grammatical error, pardon me. I would greatly appreciate if you call my attention and help me correct it. You can shoot me an email at

I hate English eversince I was in High School. I’m more of a Math person (I totally love Calculus and Algebra  ) but I can’t seem to shake off my passion for writing

…Take it or leave it…
…Love me or hate me…
… I’m going to write until the end of time! Aja!