credit card… yey!

Few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to shout to the world regarding the approval of my credit card application (with another bank, ha!)! However, I restrained myself and waited until I receive the card. And I finally got it yesterday! Yey!


Indeed, there’s a rainbow after the rain (see related article -> credit card  ).  So… What is my first purchase? It’s a 20-piece screw driver set from Canadian Tire!  I bought it online for my Dad.

Second purchase will be the domain name in which I’ve been eyeing on. I hope it’s still available though, it’s been months since I tried getting it using my credit card from the Philippines. It didn’t work out. According to the customer service officer’s email, the purchase got rejected because it’s “mandatory” for the shipper and credit card address to be the same. It’s crazy, but it’s true. I guess I should be happy with the tight security provided.

How about the third purchase? I don’t want to reveal that one. :p The goal now is to keep using my credit card in order to earn credit score and build my credit rating! Ha! And the most important part is to make sure that the bill will be settled before the due date.

Hmmmm… unfortunately, I can’t process my second and third purchase at this time because the wifi chose to be “drunk”. It’s practically “impaired”! Argh!

Gotta snooze now. Mmmmmwa!


James is my 6-year old adorable and quickwitted nephew who taught me how to play beyblade, Wii, and Xbox. He also wanted to teach me how to play Bakugan but I kept giving excuses. :p

james & pinky

In any case, below are some of his cute funny moments:

Credit Card
James: Mom, can I borrow your credit card?
Mom: Why James? What do you need it for?
James: I want to buy toys for free.
Mom: What do you mean for free?
James: Because if you use a credit card, you don’t spend money. You just swipe the card! You should use it more often Mom.

Can you believe it? He already had that concept at such a young age. omg!
Note: It was later on explained to him that the credit card is paid through the bank.

James: Hey Tita, why are you always using your phone?
Tita (TheCuriousMe): Because you’re always using my laptop James. I’m using my phone to surf the internet, chat, browse facebook, listen to music, watch videos, and write articles for my site.
James: Is it a phone laptop?
Me (TheCuriousMe): Yes James.

James stopped talking and was in deep thought for a moment. Then he suddenly grab his Nintendo DS and dash off to the bathroom. Maybe to internalize how “phone laptop” works. I’m sure he will figure it out when he’s few years older.

Me: James, will you be in Grade 5 next school year?
James: No, I will be in Grade 2.
(Note: He’s currently in Grade 1.)

Me: How come? Can’t you choose? What if you want to be in Grade 6?
James: That can’t be. I need to pass through grade by grade.
(Note: His expression is really serious and he sounds like we are discussing a very crucial topic)

I just smiled. Another lesson from James eh? To sum it up, we can never climb Mount Everest in just one day. We can never move a mountain with one push. There’s no shortcut. It should be taken one step at a time. Aja!

Moreover, one thing that he can’t live without is Pinky! It’s a pink stuff toy that was bought before he was born. His Mom thought she will give birth to a baby girl but it turned out that it’s a boy! Sans James and Pinky are like twins, simply inseparable!

That’s my nephew, James. Isn’t he adorable?