O Canada!

For some odd reason, Canada was not included in my dream destination but fate had other plans for me. I might not have understood it before but slowly, I started to connect the dots. At any rate, the road to Canadian citizenship is not as easy as people think. Gathering the required documents alone was an... Continue Reading →

tequilla +

So... Am I a drunkard now? Nah... Just wanting to spice up my life. Ha! :p The 7th birthday party of Zane Matthew (A’s son) turned into “oldies” soiree! As usual, I was oblivious about the details of the affair. Shhhhh… my attire was kinda out of place. Anyhow, I did manage to pull it... Continue Reading →

atta kids!

My nephew, James, birthday party just ended. And we, the "old folks", shared hearty laughter with regards to their funny antics. Check this out:  Ysa (3-year old kid) Ysa: Do you wanna slide? Cheska: Yes. (Cheska is roughly 12 - 13 years old) Ysa: I'll catch you! We were not able to control our laughters... Continue Reading →


The class captain (Juvy) was conducting the regular weekly meeting when I went down to get some documents. When I returned to the class room, I overheard their plan to surprise me on my birthday. I pretended be oblivious so as not to spoil their plan. Juvy summarized what they have tackled and of course,... Continue Reading →

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