You’re not lost. Don’t worry, you’re still in thecuriousme site. I know it looks groovy! Thanks to my little sister, @TheSoulfulVixen, for creating the new classy logo and header. Yipey!


Right, thecuriousme is now evolving from a cute & naughty little fairy to a funky & sassy nerd. 😀  It’s some sort of transformation from “fairytale” to reality. 😀 I bet you’re getting pumped because you’ve just witnessed the first phase of thecuriousme “renovation”. 😉

naughty little fairy

funky&sassy nerd

No, the change is not a sudden decision. It has been in my to-do list for the last year to have a complete revamp of the site including the change of name. However, after contemplating for a few months, I have decided to stick with thecuriousme since it has already become my trademark.

More “interior” changes will happen soon whether you like it or like it. Ha!

blog set up

Part 1
It’s already been more than a year (arghhhh!) since I’ve been planning to set up my not so ordinary blog site. It’s damn frustrating because its more complicated than what I’ve thought… sigh…

I wanted to set it up with my own domain name and create the blog site on my own without using the “ready made” sites for blogging. Now, I’m contemplating if I would just do it using those sites…think… think… think…

Part 2
… Guess what? I ended up using the ready made sites. :p  I signed up for wordpress for the blog site as well as for the domain name and hosting/mapping whatnot.

WordPress made it easy breezy for the lay out, design, hosting, etc. but there are still technical stuff that I need to get used to in order to maximize its features.

Below are my two major goals in putting up the site:

  1. Publish personal experiences, views and opinions that could help inspire other creatures and inject a little sunshine in their world.
  2. Publish unedited (RAW and REAL! :D) photos.

 Yabadabadoo! I’ve finally started setting up my site with my own domain name.  It absolutely feels good! Keeping the momentum up and generating traffic is definitely a huge challenge but I’m apt for it. Aja!

(Note: Aja is my favorite Korean word which means fighting or fight!)