wedding 2.0

(Note: Wedding 2.0 happened in 2015. I’m just behind with my blogging. 😅)

A lot of weddings are pretty much out of control these days… starting the marriage in debt to throw a fancy event for the entire world to attend is not our cup of tea. Planning a big event is stressful enough without worrying how to pay for it.

Taking the non-traditional route was pretty much a given since Jellybean and I are somewhat unconventional, our wedding 1.0 proved that – intimate, low-key and laid back.

With our wedding 2.0 (a.k.a. wedding celebration) in mind, we stuck to our principles and aimed for  a chillax, no fuss, and no frills event.

on point venue = boat + river cruise as a memento


✔ quaint = purple yam & young coconut cake + scroll + Mario & Peach cake topper


no frills = cocoon flowers instead of fresh flowers + minimalist decoration


no fuss = “shoebox” project in lieu of gifts + “bubble” entourage


chillax = serene ambiance + chill guests


With our limited budget,  it wasn’t possible to invite everyone. 😦 Our sincere apologies. ✌ 

To our family and friends who sacrificed their time and travelled far…  as well as to those who lent their helping hands one way or the other, thank you so much! ❤

Good times! Peace out… 😀

floating market

Floating market is one of the most interesting places that’s a must see in Thailand. It’s a fun boat ride and shopping “haven” in one! The trick is, you need to be alert and fast enough to spot the best, haggle, pay and get the item. It takes practice to do all these things in a lightning fast mode because the boat can’t remain still for a long time unless there’s a “traffic” along the way.

I managed to buy a deliciously cut mango to fill my stomach while enjoying the boat ride and quietly observing what’s going on. Mind you, it’s nerve-wracking and at the same time, a thrilling experience. It’s amazing how the vendors skillfully maneuver their boats while selling their stuff amidst the crowded river. It’s dangerous if the vendor is not knowledgeable enough to control the boat because a collision with the “reckless drivers” may occur.

Floating Market, Thailand

thinking what to buy… 😀

After the boat ride, together with my newfound friend (a nice lady from Chicago), we went to check out items near the floating market. While I haggled with the vendors to get a cheaper price, she was smiling and later on told me that I was very good at it. When she saw an item that interests her, she requested me to negotiate and get a good price. Great tandem, eh?

Have fun with the boat ride at the floating market when you visit Thailand!

Items at the floating market are more expensive than those located near the area.
Haggle! When they give you a price, cut the price by half or even lower and then agree at a price.
Don’t look too interested. If you can, leave if they don’t want to give the price you want. :p