camera splurge

One of the things that I can’t live without is a camera. It’s not a good feeling if I miss out a picture perfect moment in which rarely happens unless the camera dramatically decides to “sleep for good” or disappear.

I know I’m sentimental but who cares? :p I like to relive the experience with a photo and an article so that I can share it on my site. It saves me time as well in keeping my relatives and friends in the loop about what’s going on.

Anyway, I was walking around the airport while waiting for my flight when I saw a Sony camera. My eyes were glued on the camera while I was standing there racking my brain whether to buy or not.

Another thing that I have laid my eyes on was the ipod touch. I’ve been contemplating to buy an ipod touch for the longest time and the price was cheaper than the camera. As I was weighing the pros and cons on what to buy, my flight’s boarding time (which was 30 minutes away) added pressure and stress in my decision making process.

After a “thorough” deliberation, I finally gave in and bought the camera. There’s a cheaper version but they don’t have the color that I wanted so I opted to get the more expensive one. The thought of capturing the “kodak” (a.k.a.memorable) moments of my vacation pumped up my adrenaline.

I must say, even it put a dent on my budget, it is worth every penny I spent. Whatta great buy!

(Note: This article was created when the lost camera was bought. Please see lost momentus. I’m using my phone’s camera at the moment. :p)



Photography has always been one of the things that I’m interested in. However, I  prefer using digital or phone camera in taking pictures over the expensive DSLR camera coupled with complicated lenses. DSLR camera and lenses are too expensive, complicated and extremely heavy for me. Most of all, I can’t take a self shot! In general, digital and phone camera are more convenient to use.

Anyhow, I was given an opportunity to hone my skill in photography during the Body Wrap Fit Clinic in Tangs, Singapore. The excitement made me too focused on what I was doing that I forgot to check the photos I’ve taken. As a result:

digital camera + no flash + dim light + newbie photographer = blurred photos

No, I was not upset about it. On the contrary, it motivated me to improve my not so great skill in photography using digital camera.  As they say, patience and practice are the key elements!

Hey, if you happen to have some tips in photography using digital camera you can send it to

That would be a great help for newbies like me. Thanks a lot in advance. Until our next shot!

lost momentus 26052010

Genting via KL Sentral was our next stop on our second day in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

Near our hotel (Ancasa Hotel & Spa), we took a taxi to reach KL Sentral. As we alighted at the KL Sentral, I double checked just in case I left anything in the back seat. When my father asked me to take a photo of him in KL Sentral, that’s the time when we realized that the camera was missing. Unknowingly, the camera fell on the floor when I paid for the taxi fare.

Sad to say, we were not able to get the plate number of the taxi. The information we have were: a yellow taxi and the driver is about 60 years old, thin, with a beard, and he looked like a Malay.

I called the hotel seeking for assistance but the duty manager could not help much since we didn’t take the taxi from the hotel entrance. However, he provided the number for the helpline for taxi and further advised to file a police report.

We searched for the nearest police station and filed a report. The insufficient information provided made the police officers hesitant in helping out. Narrowing down the search via the taxi color  and the time and location didn’t help much either because taxis were owned by different companies. It’s my bad to even think that color coding scheme are practiced all over the world. No matter how slim the chance was, I was still persistent in filing a police report in which the police officer abided.

Although we missed the bus because we stayed at the police station longer than expected; Genting trip was still pushed through as planned but we had to a taxi  that charged almost triple the actual fare. From the taxi drop off point, we took the sky cable (skyway – which run about 3.8 km) to get to Genting.

Despite the lost camera, the Genting and KL trip was still an unforgettable experience that will surely be treasured. Deep in our heart, we are still hoping that a kindhearted soul will return the photos.

New cameras can be bought, but the captured moments that we had in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore were all gone. sigh… Well, life must go on.

Thanks to iPhone… We were able to have some snapshots:

Genting Sky Cable
ip2010 162

Genting First World Hotel

Petronas Tower
ip2010 224 ip2010 230

Lesson Learned:
Always take the plate number of the taxi no matter what!
Think positive. Good things will happen.